Why are you here?

This is a huge question people ask because we seek purpose: why am I here? It’s a very existential, personal, and profound question. As with many western thinkers, Christians in America (including yours truly) have turned “calling” into an individualized endeavor. What is God calling me to do?

WHY-AM-I-HEREIf we look through Scripture though, we see multiple times where God calls groups of people to do extraordinary missions. Jesus called many of His disciples in the same conversation, even the same sentence as other disciples. In the early Church Paul and Barnabas were called together, then Paul and Timothy, Barnabas and John Mark, the seven deacons (Acts 6), and many more.

God gives us our calling as followers of Jesus in the context of community, the Church. Why do something great without a context to experience the benefits of greatness? Why be a blessing without people and situations to bless? God uses people to build His kingdom together, not just individuals.

When I start believing my “calling” is about what God wants to do in my life, it halts the vision of why He gives us gifts and opportunities in the first place. It’s not about me; it’s never been about me. It’s about “we” – who can we bless together? Whose lives can we radically change together? Who can we point to Jesus together?

My richest, deepest, most powerful ministry memories and moments are when I’m serving others with others, not just serving by myself. The heartbeat of God is to see His children working together to invite more people to be a part of His story.

This is the Kingdom of God, not individualized single chairs at tables set for one, but banquet tables with plenty of chairs for more people to celebrate. When we see our calling as what God is calling us to do, we better understand the heartbeat of the Father.

May you listen for who God is calling you to partner with for His mission. May you ask why are we here. And may we embrace our calling from God to help build His kingdom together.