Launch Plan: Your Path to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur - Jon Cook

What will it take to push the BIG RED BUTTON of your dreams?

Absolutely stellar book! I opened up my private practice in 2008, and while I was reading, I couldn't help to think, "what I know now, that I wish I knew then." Jon does a superb job of outlining the fundamentals, the process, and even addresses the mindset of the entrepreneur! Whether you are building a small business, are a network marketer, or are interested in generating passive, supplemental, or residual income, this book is for you!

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Launch Plan will help you explore:

Actionable insights to get started

Learn how to structure your business, build your brand, create irresistible buying value, explore the four main stages of venture capital funding, and more.

Learn how to market your business as a new entrepreneur

If you're just getting started, you probably can't afford to hire a marketing firm. Launch Plan includes an entire section on Marketing Your Brand.

Essential details easily explained

What's an LLC? How is it different from a sole proprietorship? What's a brand identity and how do you build one? These are just some of the questions answered in this work.

Unlock your market's secrets

You have a story the world needs to hear. See how to share a compelling story to the right audience with profitable results.

Jon has captured and delivered some of the most important, helpful content about launching a small business and brought it in language everyone can understand and apply. Read it!

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