Who’s Jon Cook?

Hi, I'm Jon Cook. Thanks for checking out my site. This is where I get to unpack life as a writer, dream chaser, and promoter of other dreamers.

My wife Kara and I live in Denver, Colorado. We've been married for over five years now and have a beautiful one-year-old daughter. Fun fact: Kara and I completed our "30 before 30" bucket list: watch a baseball game in all 30 MLB stadiums before we turned 30. After each visit I posted about our experience and some good-to-know's for anyone who wants to visit some of the greatest diamonds around America.

It's also important for me to share that my faith is important to me. You may hear me reference my faith in Jesus as part of my posts but I promise, I won't force any religion on you.

First off, this site is me sharing my own thoughts and ideas. This isn't the place to go to get any official opinion or stance on what anybody else thinks, just me. As much as I'm a big fan of the ideas and opinions that are on this site, nobody else is responsible for what's on here but me.

If you have questions or you're inspired by any of the entries on this site, let me know about it. For now though, keep chasing a better tomorrow.