There will be times when your dreams seem impossible.

The idea of chasing your dreams can be very inspiring, even romantic at times. Over two million U.S. works quit every month. ( A Business Insider survey of 225 executives shows that 22% of them want to start their own companies. (Business Insider) The chance to start fresh, create something extraordinary, become your own boss, and craft some dream job out of thin air is exciting.

Chasing your dreams isn't impossible, just difficult - writetojoncook Jon CookIt can also be terrifying. Sure, being your own boss sounds great, until you realize it’s up to you to make connections, attract clients, build a product or service, and all the other sweat equity-demanding tasks it takes to succeed. If you’re launching a brick-and-mortar business, you need funding. This means meeting with venture capital firms, creating a one-page pitch sheet, practicing your elevator speech, and shaking more hands and remembering name after name.

If it sounds impossible, it’s not. It may seem impossible, but it’s not. It may feel like an insurmountable mountain. It’s not. Chasing your dreams isn’t impossible; it’s just difficult.

There’s only one thing driving that impression of the impossible. Fear.

How fear shackles our potential

The fear of the unknown can make difficult tasks seem impossible. Fear can hijack our momentum, our hope, even our inspiration. Fear inoculates our passion and makes us think, “There’s no way you can do this. You don’t have what it takes.”

Some of my weakest moments as an entrepreneur is when I’ve let fear invade my future. I objected loudly when Kara and I first even considered drawing any type of substantial paycheck from my business. It was “too soon,” or “we needed to build up a reserve for the business,” or “let’s lower our budget to accommodate, even though we already significantly lowered our budget.”

These were all excuses driven by fear. If we actually drew a solid paycheck, it was go-time. No safety net. No coasting by on savings. It felt more real than ever and that’s when I saw God start to really bless my business.

As a Christian my hope is in the God who made me and calls us to do what seems impossible. When we get to the end of our abilities is when we first encounter faith. This is where God steps in and creates God-sized opportunities to continue the “impossible”. We know that the God who first began a good work in you will see it through till the end. (Phil. 1.6)

How to overcome fear and follow your dreams

Do you know how to take what seems impossible and turn it into difficult? Start with one step. Make a phone call. Send an email. Set up a coffee meeting. Start your research. File your patent application.

If you have an action plan, you already have a jumpstart. If you’re a person of faith, this is great time to pray and ask for faith to see what seems impossible as how God sees it. Mount Everest may seem impossible, but it’s still being climbed by a tremendous variety of people. It starts with a single step.

Chasing your dreams isn’t impossible, just difficult. Are you willing to do the work it takes to do the difficult and make your dreams a reality?