It may be cliched and people may have overused this idea but lately I’ve been really focusing on believable heroes being used by God. I think we all have an idea of what a superhero is supposed to look like. They have the “S” on their chest, half-mask to hide their secret identity, the sidekick, the boots, and the cape. Oh, that’s right… I keep forgetting that “The Incredibles” blew the capes myth out of the water. No capes… but the boots are still a must.

Capes or not, we still have an idea of who really fits our idea of those who can save the world by leaping buildings with a single bound. What happens though when Napoleon Dynamite or Ugly Betty are supposed to be our hero? What happens when the hero looks more like everyday Joe than G.I. Joe?

Sometimes we think that God can’t use us because we don’t fit the right mold. We look in the mirror and think God can’t do something amazing through us because we’re too flawed or broken or regular or everyday, just too plain ordinary. There have been days where I looked in the mirror and thought, “God, you’re working with some spare parts here. Good luck doing anything with me.”

That’s one of the biggest lies out of hell, thinking that God can’t use us because we don’t think He can. We throw in the towel because we think our flaws disqualify us. We think our weaknesses make us damaged goods in the eyes of God, illegitimate children to our Heavenly Father. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In your weakest moments, those moments that may be embarrassing and under the surface or the scars that may have cut much deeper, those are spotlights for God to show up the greatest. Don’t let your flaws and imperfections deceive you into thinking you can’t be used by God. In our weaknesses, Christ’s strength shines through in perfection (2 Cor. 12:9-10). You are a believable hero in a part of God’s bigger story.