Last year I shared my reading list for 2011. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read all of the books I listed then so I carried some of them over to 2012. I will be reviewing each of the books I read and posting the reviews throughout the year. Here is my reading list for this next year:

  1. The Wounded Minister (Guy Greenfield)
  2. They like Jesus but not the Church (Dan Kimball)
  3. The Circle Maker (Mark Batterson)
  4. The Art of Theological Reflection (Patricia O’Connell Killen and John de Beer)
  5. Messy Spirituality (Mike Yaconelli)
  6. Searching for God Knows What (Donald Miller)
  7. The Master Plan of Evangelism (Robert E. Coleman)
  8. The Tipping Point (Malcom Gladwell)
  9. The Power of a Whisper (Bill Hybels)
  10. Good to Great (Jim Collins)

Did I miss any must-reads for this year? Any that I should take out?