Our world is obsessed with ideas. With everything from TedTalks to the QIdeas to a variety of other think-tank, open discussion type of forums people are obsessed with the sharing of ideas.  But just like cars, guitars, and candy bars, not all ideas are created equal.

One of the biggest differences that I’ve found between a good message and a great message is its focus. Whether you’re writing, speaking, or teaching a good message becomes a great message when it’s boiled down to one idea, just one big idea. It’s not three points, five points, or even a two-headed monster. It’s one idea. Just one.

This is why we have things like thesis sentences and one-sentence mission statements.  That one big idea must be so important in our thinking that it is the center of what we’re communicating. Everything else is garnish and frills. The more rabbit trails and tangents that lead away from that one idea the more diluted the message becomes.

The shotgun approach works for a very limited time; people only like potpourri for decorating.  When you’re wanting to communicate, use a single shot, laser-like approach. Your effectiveness will increase. People will remember what you have to say. You will grow as a communicator.

What’s your one idea and how do you develop it to its fullest potential?