Yesterday I talked about John Mott’s list of eight traits that he felt should be found in great leaders.  Today I’m going to share the other half of his list as well as some of my own reactions and thoughts.

5.  Know how to exploit momentum. Author and leadership expert Jim Collins calls this the Big Mo, momentum, the concrete flywheel that is difficult to get going, almost as if you have to push it uphill.  When you encounter a momentum-creating opportunity in leadership, get as much mileage out of it as you can.

6.  Be growing. The day we stop learning is the day that we die.  Be continually sharpening yourself in areas of interest and relevant to the area God’s called you.

7.  Be able to overcome discouragement and “impossible situations”. I heard a leader once say that they love seeing young leaders in impossible situations.  It’s an arena where tough decisions and lots of failure are the breeding ground for great decisions and seasoned leadership in the future.  I know for a fact that teams feel an overall reassurance if their leader can communicate that they have been there before and know what needs to be done.

8.  Understand his or her weaknesses. Probably the biggest leadership myth that I’ve had to overcome in my life this year has been that you should focus on strengthening your weaknesses.  That myth can be destructive to your leadership for three reasons:  a) You will wear yourself out, b) your efforts will be drawn away from refining your strengths, and c) it will keep others from filling those areas of your weaknesses where those might be their strengths.  Build a team around your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.