“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – Kevin Durant

Talent is cheap, exciting but cheap. According to research by Clear Company HRM, talent forecasting is changing now more than ever. Every year the NFL Draft is filled with potential. Every graduation class is filled with potential. Every college is looking for applicants with both potential and pedigree: what could you do, and who did you come from that already did something?

The truth is potential and pedigree will always lose to perseverance. Hard work beats talent. All day. Every day. Guaranteed. I’ve seen phenomenally talented people waste their gifts and lose out to lesser-talented but more motivated competitors.

Perseverance outpaces pedigree when it comes to potential - writetojoncook Jon Cook

I’m not the most talented writer. I’m not the best speaker. I don’t have an MBA or own a multi-million dollar company yet. I don’t come from a white collar family or an Ivy League education. I don’t have a pedigree of business and worldly success.

What I am though is motivated. I get up before probably 95% of people that I know, work harder than the same amount of people, and have great mentors and systems in place to build towards a fantastic future. Any gaps that I have are outpaced by my willingness to get my butt out of bed every morning earlier than a vast majority of people. It’s because I know I have a God-given dream to make a difference.

Perseverance and potential = Hall of Fame results

Average talent with an exceptional work ethic can create great results. Excellent talent with that same exceptional work ethic is what creates the Beethoven’s, the Michael Jordan’s, the Taylor Swift’s, and the Jay-Z’s of the world.

Don’t let your pedigree or someone saying you “lack potential” be the determining factor for your future success. You have God-given dreams and ambitions for a reason. If God’s called you to pursue a specific direction, He’s already given you the talent you need to succeed. All you have to do is put in the sweat equity and trust His plan.

Now’s the time to pursue your dreams. Now’s the time to work your butt off for your passion. Now’s the time to keep your pedigree or potential from becoming your new glass ceiling and push to exceed even the loftiest of expectations.

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