Good enough.  This has become one of the worst crutches that the Church has been using over the years.  Whether it’s in leadership, ministry, outreach, design, or a variety of other areas, we’ve settled with “good enough” as the standard instead of the exception.

There’s a problem with “good enough” though.  “Good enough” is rarely good at all and has a closer resemblance to “okay” than good.  “Enough” implies that we’re willing to settle with whatever level we’re at; it’s okay to stop pushing forward.  “Enough” is us kicking back and pushing the cruise control button.

The Church has the greatest message ever in the person of Jesus and yet for years we’ve given into the rut of “good enough”:

Artistic design has been annually butchered on the altar of “good enough” in the Church.  Flyers, websites, logos, Powerpoint layout, these have all been victims of “good enough”.  Let’s not even talk about videos and skits.  Those have been the ugly step-child of art for years in the Church.

Leadership development and training has been chopped down to the bare minimum.  Volunteers are told that they only need to know the minimum.  I’ve been guilty of this one and see some areas in my leadership circle that need to be cured of this issue.

We put people into leadership positions who are less than skilled in leadership.  They’re willing to lead but completely out of their strength zone.  When we put the wrong people in the wrong places we might as well cut their legs out from under them.

The question might come up, “Is there ever a good time to use “good enough”?  Here’s a pretty complete answer: nope.  Wanting to be excellent in even the smallest details will separate you from the rest of the pack.  Push yourself to the next level.  Define and demonstrate excellence, especially in the details.

I’ve been guilty of giving in to “good enough”.  I’ve given into the temptation to cut corners on excellence and settle far short of the mark.  I still find myself saying, “Aw, that’s good enough.”  This is me calling myself out to step it up, to run a tighter ship, and to keep reminding myself of what defines excellence.  None of this makes any difference unless we’re doing it for the glory of God.  Excellence for the glory of God is the fullest calling that we could ever fulfill and “good enough” is the quickest exit away from that fulfillment.