Every once in a while I like to feature another dream chaser, someone hustling their way to a better tomorrow. These are people I’m blessed to cross paths with, encourage, and serve in their work. Believe me, your life will be richer and better because you get to know these people, too.

Aaron McHugh - writetojoncook Jon Cook

I met Aaron McHugh last summer when a mutual friend introduced us. Aaron needed help with his eBook Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss. The title caught my eye as interesting and then I saw that Seth Godin endorsed it. You officially have my attention.

Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss. is a fantastic read. In the trendy, sometimes escapist world of entrepreneurism, the easy answer is to start your own venture when work isn’t going the way you’d hoped. Aaron turns the “flight” work attitude of many in our society on its head in this work. Do yourself a favor: download a copy today.

Aaron McHugh - Work Life PlayI love the premise for Aaron’s platform: Work. Life. Play. His podcast features a myriad of voices speaking into these three areas. Some of his previous guests include Andrew Todhunter, Erica Dhawan, Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, and Tripp Crosby.

The crazy thing is that blogging and podcasting aren’t Aaron’s full-time job. He’s already built an incredible platform through his side hustle. (Spoiler alert: you can also build your dreams through side hustle.) He’s also an Ironman triathlete, mountaineer, and an avid adventurer.

One of the most inspiring experiences I’ve witnessed this year is watching Aaron reposition significant parts of his life. He and his wife recently sold their house, served at a youth camp/ranch for part of the summer, and Aaron’s currently biking through the Colorado Trail, a 500-mile excursion.

I get to be a part of helping Aaron build his platform. There are some incredibly exciting opportunities on the horizon and I can’t wait to see what God continues to do through Aaron. There are a few easy ways to connect with Aaron’s voice:

Thank you, Aaron, for the privilege of playing a small part in your platform.