Closing chapters in your life

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck revisiting the same chapter in your life?

I love reading. Sometimes I’ll skip ahead a chapter or two to see if I can get an idea where the story is going. The problem is I have to keep my place where I was reading. So, I stick my fingers in between the pages to keep track and fold the pages over as I glance ahead. As much as I want to read ahead, the pages folded over my fingers are hard to read and parts of the story don’t make sense.

I need to finish one chapter before I can begin the next one.

Life is a lot like reading. We try to glance ahead and fast-forward some of the boring parts or the uncomfortable scenes. We want to get to the “good” parts, the parts that are exciting and full of fun.

Closing certain chapters in our life will make our story richer and more meaningful.

This is why a newly married man should’t spend his Saturdays playing video games. He needs to close that chapter of bachelorhood.

This is why a set of new parents don’t have the luxury of staying up till midnight. They have a built-in alarm clock called a baby ready to go off at any hour.

This is why some friendships and relationships need to be ended forever. The more you allow negative and toxic relationships to continue in your life, the longer that chapter of your life continues to stay open and infected.

This is why you can’t keep reliving the glory days of high school or that one job or boss that was so great. As memorable and fantastic as they were, it’s okay to remember them, but it’s not okay to dwell on them. Living in the past distracts from the future. Even great chapters can distract away from the rest of the story.

Chapters in your life will come and change. Some of them are closed on their own. Some are up to us to finish and finish well.

May you have the courage to close out unfinished chapters of your life. May you look to the future while celebrating and learning from the past. May your story go on as you begin new chapters today.

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