There’s a fine line between building a platform and building a kingdom.

First off, as a Christian, I know I’m not here on earth to build my own kingdom. My job is to introduce people to Jesus and let His love and grace show them the way into His kingdom, not mine. As an entrepreneur, as a communicator, even more simply, as a human, it’s easy for me to try building my own kingdom.

God gives different people unique opportunities to be influential, to have a “platform,” as it were. Bloggers have platforms, speakers have platforms, CEOs have platforms, politicians and musicians and cause-creators and business owners all have platforms.

Build a platform, not a kingdom - writetojoncook Jon Cook

My perspective changed from kingdom to platform when I realized why God gives me opportunities. I don’t blog to share my message because it’s the greatest in the world. There are lots of people with better messages than mine. I share because I know God’s brought over 2,600 people into my life who look to me for hope and inspiration. It’s my job to share whatever God-given words I can to make their days and futures brighter.

Platform vs. Kingdom

The tricky part is to keep your focus on building a platform instead of trying to build your own kingdom.

On a platform, others can share their message with you. In a kingdom, it’s about who’s in charge and dictating their will to the people.

Platforms raise others up. Kingdoms are about putting yourself in the position of power, the ruler of your castle.

Platforms have steps and space to invite a large group of people to share who may not be able to before stepping onto the platform. Kingdoms have moats and walls and siege towers to fight off anybody who seems like a threat.

Can platforms be distorted into kingdoms? Absolutely, I’ve seen plenty of platform builders turn into kingdom creators by putting their selfish desires in the center of their message. It’s not hard to do. Selfish kingdoms are built when we put ourselves at the center and keep others at a distance.

When we try building our own kingdoms, we tell God that our life purpose is about making a big deal out of us, not Him. That’s when things get dangerous very quickly. Keep asking, “Who is this for, and why am I sharing it?” If the answer to either of those questions ends in “me,” you’re building a kingdom, not a platform.

Creating a platform worth sharing

If God gives you a message or talent to share, He will give you a platform from which to share. It starts with knowing why He gave you your talent or message. We are gifted by God to be a blessing to others. Creating a platform that shares hope and blessing and inspiration to others is a gift. It starts with knowing how to share what you’ve been given.

If you have a message, the first step is simply sharing your message. If it’s a public speaking message, start sharing with one person, then five, 17, 25, a hundred, and more as God opens those doors. If you have a knack for writing and a message to share, start blogging, write a book, put something down on paper to get started.

Are you building a platform to share your God-given message, or are you building a kingdom with you at the center? There’s so much potential for good in building a God-given platform. It would be a waste if we try to create our own kingdoms in place of platforms.

What are some ways you focus on building a platform instead of a kingdom? Share your stories and thoughts in the Comments below or by replying to your subscription email. I’d love to hear from you.