Passion, noun: strong and barely controllable emotion. (Oxford English Dictionary)

What do you think of when you hear the word passion? You probably think of romance, love, a passion for someone who makes your heartbeat escalate. I love this definition of passion, a strong and barely controllable emotion.

Passion isn’t just for lovers though. Passion is for the driven, the convinced, those of us intoxicated with what could be. Each of us has a passion bucket of sorts, a holding place inside our souls where we store and ferment this insatiable desire to experience what drives us the most. Not just anything can fill your passion bucket, only those interests and experiences that make you come alive.

What fills my passion bucket

There are times in my life where I find myself reserved, even deflated by whatever’s come my way. One of the best ways to revive my spirit is to remember what fills my passion bucket. Of course, my faith, my wife, my daughter, my son, and my work are important, but my passion bucket is about what personally inspires me. It’s not all serious stuff; in fact, some of what fills my passion bucket isn’t terribly world-changing at all, but it fuels my spirit.

Here are just a few of the interests that fill my passion bucket:

  • I love helping people.
  • I love listening and singing to great music, especially classic rock.
  • I love encouraging people.
  • I love creating something of significance.
  • I love playing music with other great musicians.
  • I love a good party.
  • I love sports.
  • I love listening to a great clean comedian, like Brian Regan or Jim Gaffigan.
  • I love a good board game or card game, especially Poker Night.

I feel more alive and engage when my passion bucket is sloshing over the side. My heart is happier. My thoughts are more inspired. My energy is at its highest. I am more empowered when I experience what inspires me.

What fills your passion bucket?

What inspires you? What are those experiences where you go, “I live for times like these!” Is it outdoor concerts? Is it great food from other parts of the world? Is it a hike through the mountains? What are those experiences where you would pay someone to experience them and the cost is almost no issue?

Think of 5-7 experiences that make you come alive the most and experience at least one of them this week. The more alive you feel, the more you can make an extraordinary effect on the world around you.