Stefan Sagmeister and Time Off

Last week I mentioned TED Talks and the unique approach that TED takes in communicating fresh ideas.  One of the best TED Talks that I have heard was given by designer Stefan Sagmeister about the power of time off.  I won’t give away too much of his talk, he does an excellent job of explaining his approach and reasoning in the video.

It is interesting how Sagmeister decided on taking a sabbatical year once every seven years.  In the Old Testament God introduced the concepts of the Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee to the people of Israel.  During the Year of Jubilee (every 50th year), all slaves were released from their bondage.  All squandered inheritances were returned to their original owners.  The land was given rest and everything was reset for the next 50 years.

A regular time of rest was built into the rhythm of living.   One Sabbath day a week.  A Sabbath year every seven years.  A year of deliverance, a Jubilee, every 50 years.  It was needed.  It was anticipated.

I struggle to take time off in my own life.  If I don’t take time off to rest regularly, I’m failing to enjoy the renewal that God intended for me to have.  Enjoy your Sabbath once a week.  It doesn’t have to be Sunday, it can be any day.  If it’s your Sabbath, don’t call it your off day.  Call it your Sabbath.  Turn off your phone.  Don’t check email for a day.  Do whatever it takes to release your hold on the pressures of today.  It changes your perspective and gives you the rest and renewal that you need.

How do you find your Sabbath rest?

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