As a believer, it’s easy to be all about arriving at Point B when it comes to our questions. You know about Point B, right? It’s that ideal place of arriving, the place where all your questions are answered, t’s crossed, i’s, dotted. It’s the final destination of faith.

Maybe you’re wrestling with the idea that your faith is only real as long as all your questions are answered. Whether it’s about faith, God, life, people, anything that has questions, it’s easy to feel this pressure to have all the answers.

What’s worse is that when you do have doubts, you immediately work to find an answer in your arsenal of information to fill in the blank or you worry that your faith isn’t as solid as you thought.

I hate to be Johnny Raincloud here but getting to Point B shouldn’t always be our end goal. If you feel like you have all the answers to life’s questions, that can be a very dangerous place to live. The idea that any of us have all the answers to life’s questions is a complete lie. For all those questions that blow our little three-pound human brains, there’s a good and great God big enough to handle each of them.

Maybe the journey is more important than the destination for these reasons:

Sometimes the lessons learned in the journey are better than any at the destination.

Sometimes the whole point of walking in faith isn’t about having all our questions answered but willing to walk where we can’t see ahead or where we’ve never been before.

Sometimes not arriving at Point B is the healthiest thing that can happen to our faith because it shows us how God exists beyond our questions and still wants us to wrestle with His greatest gift: the chance to believe, even if we don’t understand it all.

Sometimes the best practice for our faith is releasing our grip on our uncertainties and just letting them rest. We’ll probably never have all the answers to our questions but sometimes it’s more about what we learn along the way than actually getting to some final destination.