Over the last year and a half I’ve realized something.  God has given me a gift for writing but it’s taken me a while to recognize it.  The irony of the matter is that this is an area I formerly hated and in which I am largely inexperienced.  For whatever reason I wrote zero papers, zero, in high school and I hated my English Composition classes in college.  I was convinced that if there was another by-product of the fall it was English Composition.

But then things started to change.  I began to like writing and I realized that I can make an impact through what I type.  God has allowed a desire to grow in my heart as He’s opened my eyes to this new area in my life.  I want to be a writer, to be published, but I’m seeing some questions that I need to face:

  • Am I wanting to be published because I feel I need to be heard or is it because I have something that needs to be said?
  • Am I writing from firsthand experience or just from theories I’ve gained, from life experience or only head knowledge?
  • Am I being a faithful steward of this gift of writing by putting the effort and attention into developing it?

These are questions that I have to answer, that I have to pray through as I see this desire growing in me.  I may never have a final lasting answer for these questions.  Maybe that’s a good thing; maybe they shouldn’t have a final answer.

I’m not a great writer at this point in my life, that takes time and effort and hours sweating through endless typing and unapologetic editing.  But I am committed to developing this gift to the best that I can and seeing where the answers to these questions, and others, take me.

For those of you who have already shared with me in the start of this journey by reading this blog, I deeply appreciate your support, your feedback, and your prayers.

Thank you.