Movie Trailer for Your Life

On Sunday night for youth group, we talked about what it would be like if there was a movie trailer for your life.

The green preview would come across with the viewer rating. Would your trailer be appropriate for all audiences? Would there be certain parts that would escalate your rating? That’s probably a safe bet. I know there are some parts in my life that I wouldn’t want the public to see.

After the viewer rating, the trailer flashes some text. What would it say? There lived a man who was…. Jake was an ordinary guy…  Rebecca had it all: the friends, the clothes, the car, the dream job… What would it say next?

Then it switches over to some video, maybe a skyline abstract shot panning down to a downtown city setting as you walk out of your apartment complex.  Or maybe it shows a quiet suburbia setting where all the trees have been bulldozed and the streets are named after them (Oak, Elm, Maple).  You walk out of your house ready for a new day.

Then the plot turns and a problem is raised.  Did you lose your job?  Did you wrong a friend?  Did life unexpectedly release a fury of bad events at you?  Maybe you made a series of really bad decisions.  Maybe you got involved with the cops.  Maybe you mugged somebody, ruined someone’s life, or even killed someone.

What has happened, or is currently happening, in your life that will define this moment for you? When you’re staring the problem right in the face, what happens next? Do you turn to Jesus for help to get you through this? He is the only One who can come alongside you and steer your life story into places you could have never dreamed of and out of places you never wanted to be.

This is the part in your movie where you have a decision to make. Will you let God lead you no matter what? Will you follow Him through whatever mine field you might have to navigate right now?

Are you anxious to see how the rest of your movie plays out? What will it look like? What are you doing today to make your life movie an extraordinary story?

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