Friday List – August 13, 2010

Happy Friday.  Do your Friday dance.  Sing your Friday song.  Do your Friday thing.  Enjoy the weekend.

  • Parents who wonder if they should send their kids to this school probably have second thoughts after seeing the crosswalk.
  • Yes, Chelsea Clinton got married but the biggest news were the bathrooms.  Drop a deuce for 15G’s.
  • Quote of the Week: “I think that all office buildings should be equipped with emergency exit slides so we can all be like the Jet Blue guy.” — Jimmy Kimmel
  • Picture of the Week:  Sign for County Coroner candidate for Douglas County (where I live).  Guaranteed I’ve never seen Lord and Coroner on the same sign.
  • Video of the Week: You might have already seen this on Facebook but this is Justin Bieber getting hit by a well-thrown bottle.  Fan, how I love thee.
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