4th anniversaryToday marks four years I’ve been blogging. Some of the highlights:

  • 70,000+ views
  • 3,600+ shares
  • 523 followers (and counting)

And all while being a dude who blogs without ever wearing, or ever wanting to wear scarves, V-necks, guyliner, or skinny jeans.

Blog, I’ll be honest, there are times I’ve hated you. Between late night writer’s funk to the early morning sacrifice, you haven’t always been my favorite hobby. I’ve left you on the side of the road for weeks. I’ve been tempted to drop you like 4th period French, to scrap away everything and just chalk it up to external processing. Nope, not gonna do it. At least, not yet. You got a fresh facelift around Memorial Day and we’re back in business.

To those of you who are part of my faithful tribe, thank you for following. Your support, comments, push back, hate mail (thanks again, Grandma), and sharing in this messy, brain-barfing collection of my ideas, struggles, and platforms continue to be a valuable blessing to my life. Thank you.

The biggest blessing though has been seeing how my Savior and Creator continues carving and honing my heart through these postings. Some of the highest and lowest points of my faith and life are stitched into these words. I’m a strong man, follower of Christ, pastor, and thinker because of these past four years.

So, before I start shouting, “Four more years!” here’s to another year hitting “Publish” and knowing that if only God Himself chose to read this, it’s still His work in my life that makes this writing worth the while.

Happy 4th birthday.