I have a problem with the word problem. Ironic, I know.  I think we’ve robbed problem of some of its potential.  Here’s why…

For a long time we’ve associated a negative meaning with the word problem.  If you have a problem with someone then it usually means you have a personality conflict or a dispute that you two just can’t seem to resolve.  If you have a problem at work it usually means your productivity has been somewhat halted until you get things figured out.

There’s some truth to our understanding of a problem.  It usually means that it’s a barrier between where you are and where you’d like to be.  A problem can pose as a dilemma that needs to be resolved or else you can’t continue on the path that you’ve been following.

But not all problems are bad.  Some problems are in fact very good.

A church runs out of seating space in their auditorium because God has grown their church beyond the capacity of its facility.  Your schedule is crammed because people are wanting to spend time with you.  People have donated so much money towards a charity that the charity has to hire an annual auditor and an outside accountant to manage it all.  These types of problems are good problems to have.

When we see what appears to be a problem, is it really a problem or is it a fantastic opportunity for growth?  Whenever you encounter an obstacle on your path, it usually makes you stop and look at it.  My challenge is that when you stop to look at that obstacle in your path, that problem as it were, don’t ask yourself how you can get around it, ask yourself what it is: obstacle or opportunity?