The Bucket for my Bucket List

I went to Catalyst West back in April.  (For all church and ministry leaders who are wanting to make a relevant impact in your circle of influence, I highly recommend going.)  As we all walked in for the opening session I noticed that there were small, yellow buckets and two wooden sticks sitting on each seat.

Note: If you give a bucket and two sticks to 4,500 youth pastors, young adult leaders, lead pastors (most of whom have been youth pastors), and seminary students, expect a wild time.  That’s another story, another time.

At some point during the conference it was explained that we should think of something that we hope to do to make an impact in our world and write it on the outside of our buckets.  Call it a bucket list.  (cue internal groan)  When I got home I realized that it wasn’t too bad of an idea.  So I started writing.

Some of the things that I’ve written on it are pretty base things (ride an elephant, which I was able to do this summer).  Some other things are pretty high goals that may be much harder to accomplish (writing a book and getting it published).

I saw a supposed bucket list the other day and realized that of the 60+ items on the list, I had already done almost 50 of them.  Most of the items were pretty shallow (ride in a helicopter – cool but surface level).  So I’m trying to shoot higher because I want to do greater things, more meaningful things.

I keep this bucket in my office and look at it each time I’m there.  I’m not trying to be morbid with making a list  (I’m going to live to be 100 anyways). I’m making the list because I want to take every opportunity to live the fullest life possible with my Creator.

What are you doing today to make an impact and live the fullest life possible for your Creator?

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