Recently my best friend Randy and I had a discussion about structure and organization.  I made the comment that I’ve seen different companies and individuals who have been organized but not structured while some can be structured but not organized.  Both are required if you are going to be effective in the long run.

Being structured would imply that you have a hierarchy in place, a chain of command, as it were.  Structured might also mean that there are differing levels of responsibility in a given company, organization, ministry, etc.  Not every brave can be the chief.  Not everyone should be in charge.

The key part is that structure gives you an understood (or at least, implied) ladder of responsibility.  The one in charge has to be willing to make the tough decisions and feel the repercussions of those decisions.  It doesn’t matter how grand the plans are if no one is responsible for the outcome.

Being organized involves the details, the nitty-gritty of how things are run.  You can have a ship, captain, first mate, crewman, and a lookout in the crow’s nest but they are all largely ineffective without charts, compasses, clear communication, and a captain’s log to review.

For any group to be effective in the end, whether it be a company, an organization, or a ministry, you must have both organization and structure.

Leaders, if details are not your strength, find someone to fill that void in your group.  The difference between good to great is largely in the details.  Pay attention to details.

If you’re in a group that has great plans for the future but no one is stepping up to lead, pray for God to show you if you are called to fill that void.  If leadership is not your strength, pray for God to ignite the heart of a leader to get the momentum going.