Sometimes I’m Peter,

The Chronicles of Narnia is probably my favorite book series.  Confession time, I’ve read through the series eleven times.  No lie, I’ve been half-way through my twelfth time for well over a year now.  I believe the Chronicles of Narnia are C.S. Lewis’ greatest collection of work.  Some might disagree with me, that’s fine.  If you’ve never read them before, I would highly recommend them.  They’re easy reads and they’re books that will change your life.

My favorite book in the series is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  If you’ve never read it, then the rest of this won’t make much sense at all.  The reason that this book appeals to me so much is that I see myself a lot in Peter and in Edmund.

In Peter I see how in my own life I can be afraid of being the leader God has called me to be.  When I see the tools that God has given to me, like Peter’s sword and shield, I wonder if I’ll be able to use them when the time comes.  Ever feel that way?  Ever feel that you doubt your own gifting from God?  If you’re in any type of leadership you know exactly what I mean.

Like a frightened schoolboy I sometimes feel like I have no chance against the wolves who are coming to attack the people I’ve been called to lead.  Sound familiar?

Once the fight comes though, I have a choice to make.  Will I stand my ground and fight for what God has called me to do?  I need to step into the leadership where I’ve been gifted and called by God.  There are times when I am Peter.  If you’re a leader, you are also Peter at some point in time.  Use the tools that God has given to you.  Run to the fight.  Run to protect the people you love and have been called to lead.

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