…sometimes I’m Edmund.

Yesterday I mentioned how I identify with some of the characters in C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, specifically Peter. There are also times when I feel like Edmund: the younger brother, the black sheep, the redemption story.

Edmund betrays his own family.  He is blinded by his own selfishness and the White Witch’s lies and deception.  He is so focused on the false promises of the White Witch that he’s willing to risk the lives of his family to get his way.

The beautiful part of the story is how Aslan sends a rescue party to bring Edmund back to safety.  Edmund doesn’t know the extent and the severity of his betrayal.  The forgiveness and closure on Edmund’s sin is so much greater than even he realizes, especially when it eventually costs Aslan His own life.

For all of the sin, the fickleness of our hearts, and the selfish pride that we give into, it amazes me how ignorant we are of the cost.  In my mind, I feel like Edmund a lot of times.  I see myself betray the people around me.  I see my pride become my driving force; it’s “all about me”.  I don’t realize the depths of my rebellion and the effect that it has on my Savior.

The picture above is probably one of the most impacting pictures that I have ever seen.  I have a framed copy of it at home.  Each time I look at it I’m reminded about how easily I run in and out of following Christ.

For all the times I realize how I’ve turned away from Christ, I usually catch a glance of this picture.  It reminds me that redemption is for everyone, including the selfish, deceived, and wayward.

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