About once a quarter I put together some of the recent lessons I’ve learned about blogging and the blogosphere. Sometimes I revisit what I shared in a previous post about blogging tips if my opinion has changed, it’s been overwhelmingly confirmed, or I’ve been proven wrong.

Here is what I’ve learned recently about blogging…

  • Blogging isn’t about saying something new; it’s about saying it better. What you want to say has probably been said before. The key is finding who said it, how it was said, and then thinking of ways to say it even better from your perspective and experience. Take it one step further, one step better.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – learn it, love it, leverage it.
  • For a while I thought that to maintain readership and traffic, I needed to blog every day that I could. With my work schedule and other demands, blogging every day isn’t always realistic. Take an off day every once in a while.
  • Speaking of off days, I’ve found that those gaps usually create enough content for the following week and beyond.
  • After establishing your blog’s identity, make it as visible as possible in your writing. The core areas of focus for my blog are at the top of my blog title: Reading. Writing. Thinking. Dreaming. Leading.
  • I do very little potpourri writing that falls outside of those five areas. It’s strengthened my writing and the overall focus of my blog as well.
  • Contraction’s are fine to use if you’ve decided that’s where you’d like to skimp on grammar. On the positive side, it’s more conversational.
  • Whenever you do post, do it consistently. Weekly, monthly, daily…whenever it is, do it consistently.