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Day 7 by Jon Cook.

We breathe with [God’s] consent, walk by his allowance, and rule through his grace.” –Live Second, 8.

It doesn’t take long to realize that our little neighborhood called Earth is a very small part of the universe. A quick glance through the facts about the cosmos confirms that we are small and the universe is very, very large. When our own sun is the little kid on the block, that’s when you know it’s not all about you.

The crazy thing is that sometimes I think it is all about me. I give into the lie that my schedule and deadlines and opinions and needs trump so many of the good things in life. I begin to think that what I want is more important than other relationships, ministry, justice, and even time with my Creator.

I can get so engrossed with what I feel is important as I walk inside at night under the blanket of stars that I don’t stop to look up and to be amazed. The same God who made all of the stars and planets and keeps them from crashing together is the same God who wants to be the biggest part of my life and my everyday agenda. That is what causes me to worship in wonder.

Wonder is my response to who God is and what He’s done. Why would a God who made all of this and keeps all of it in perfect unison want anything to do with a simple human? He made all of this and I’m shocked that I get to even be on His radar. Not only am I on His mind but the words of David in Psalm 8 also remind me that God puts value and worth in me. He sees in me something worthy of His attention and the value in me is what He can do through me.

Living second is about remembering it’s not about me. I’m just renting this space here on earth and there is a God in heaven that chooses to have a relationship with me. I get to be a part of this; I get to listen for the voice of God and talk with Him about my life. I get to be a part of His creation and live and breathe and move and be in community with others. And all of this happens because of what He allows to be.

Living second is about being in wonder. Living second is about remembering it’s not about me. I need to take some time to look at the stars tonight and to wonder. The Creator of the universe wants to be the most important part of me and I get to live second.


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