Did you know that the most depressing time of the week is Sunday night? (Huffington Post, “Sunday Night Blues”)

Monday gets more than its fair share of hatred, but Sunday evening is actually the most depressing time of the entire week. It’s when most of us realize that the weekend is over and we have to drag ourselves back to the cubicle farm or micromanaging tyrant (read: “boss”). According to a recent survey by Monster.com, 78% of respondents admit to feeling “Sunday Night Blues” and 59% of U.S. respondents admit to an abnormally high feeling of it.

How the most depressing time of the week can create new opportunities - writetojoncook Jon Cook

I used to dread Monday mornings. A dearth of meetings, dozens upon dozens of emails from higher-ups, and countless politics were the three-headed monster of my week. I would get home on Monday evenings and just sit in silence for several minutes. It wasn’t until I started my side hustle that I began to feel any motivation to even go in on Mondays.

What if you could use Sunday nights to kickstart your dreams? The side hustle is an amazing venture that can add value, purpose, and potential to your life. It’s in the side hustle where you’re spending time outside your 9-to-5 job to launch your dreams. Write that book. Start your own business. Create a mastermind group. Go back to school.

Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but do it, for cryin’ out loud! Take your Sunday night blues and let them fuel your motivation for a better future. Walking into work on Monday will be easier if you know you created something awesome on Sunday night. The more you can build into your Sunday nights, the closer you’ll get towards taking back your Mondays.

“New Week, New You”

I’m starting a new series of blog posts this Sunday night called “New Week, New You”. Each Sunday night will feature a new blog post topic to give you the butt-kick you need to start your side hustle. One week it may be a challenge, like make a phone call to someone in an industry where you want to be. The next week it may be an inspiring story, like my friend who worked for nine months on the side to build his own company and then launched the day after his daughter was born.

It’s not just a set of blog posts though. You’ll get to share your own stories via #NewWeekNewYou so we as a community can be inspired and challenged by each other. This isn’t about me; it’s about creating a community where we can celebrate and fuel off each other’s successes.

Take back your Mondays, do something worth your time on Sunday, and get rid of your Sunday night blues!