Kara and I went to Creve Couer Lake today and watched a bald eagle soar. After a long and rewarding week, it’s Friday. Let’s start the weekend.

  • Lately Mars Hill Church in Seattle has been coming under fire by the media because of stories circulating about church discipline at Mars Hill. Here’s a response from Mars Hill regarding this criticism.
  • This photo made me laugh because it’s both funny and true in a lot of cases.
  • If you haven’t heard of Hope Mob yet, go check out their Kickstarter page. It’s about bringing real change and hope.
  • These business cards are guaranteed to make an impression.
  • Creative of the Week // Red Eye by Christoph Niemann
  • Thought of the Week // CNN Money – “Best Advice I ever got
  • Photo of the Week // The Middle-Aged White Guy’s Guide to Christian Rap by Tim Challies.
  • Quote of the Week // “… the church that lives for itself is sure to die by itself.” – Michael Green