Friday List – August 20, 2010

Friday is here.  Thank God.  It’s been a long week for a lot of people.

Happy Friday everyone.

  • Yes, it’s almost a requirement and necessary for me to be hatin’ on Justin Bieber every week.  This week his music actually sounds good…if you slow it down 800%.
  • According to Obamacare, it has been officially determined that “Bieber Fever” is not a pre-existing condition.
  • For all you Ph.D students out there, here’s a guide explaining your degree.
  • I’m pretty sure this video is fake but it’s still funny.  Don’t honk at old people.
  • With the new “scare” of Facebook Places, here are instructions on how to turn off Facebook Places.
  • Photo of the Week: No Shooting.
  • Video of the Week:  Dad Life.
  • Quote of the Week: “I did not take performance-enhancing drugs.” — Roger Clemens.  Time will tell.  As a fan of the Rocket, I hope he’s right.
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