Finally blogging…

After reading a great post by Michael Hyatt, I agree with his purpose for blogging.  For all of the articles, blogs, books, and conversations that I read and am involved in, I want to be able to openly reflect and archive my own thoughts and reactions to them.

There will probably some temptation to try to be overly profound.  I might assume that I could impress whoever might catch a glimpse of my writing.  Besides being a waste of time, that would defeat the whole purpose of why I’m wanting to blog in the first place.  Epic fail.

Hyatt made an interesting point when he mentioned that he blogs “in order to clarify my thinking and archive my best ideas. In short, I blog for me.”  I want that same type of purpose to be found in my writing: to write for my own enrichment and evolution into the leader, dreamer, and Christ follower that I’m called to be.

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