Dreamers slay dragons, not lizards

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” – Neil Gaiman

Knights and dragons are the tales of heroes with terrors to vanquish. Fire-breathing dragons the size of 747s are what make heroes quake and take a solid gut-check before slamming down their visor. Dragons bring out the best in heroes.

How many stories have you read about a knight riding out to save the day from the terrifying destruction of a gecko?

Spoiler alert: none of them, because that’s a terrible storyline. No gecko, especially not the GEICO gecko, will ever be grouped in the “terrifying, destructive” category of wild beasts. Geckos don’t carry the risk and danger of a dragon.

Dreams are worth the fight

Why do people not chase their dreams? Because dreams can be scary. It can be paralyzing to see the path God’s calling you to follow and it looks like a massive dragon landing in front of you. The size of the fear has a direct connection to the size of opportunity for extraordinary living.

Of course, dragons aren’t real, right? They’re make-believe; the stuff of legends and lore… just as reliable as many of our fears and insecurities. They may loom large, even terrifying right in front of us, but dragons can be beaten.

Dreamers slay dragons, not lizards. Dreamers see monstrous obstacles on the path ahead and still charge forward. Dreamers recognize the risk, the danger of facing a fire-breathing future of uncertainty and fear and even critics… and still ride on.

Facing the dragons of your dreams

The “dragon” of your dreams come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Maybe you writing your first book and you’ve never been published.
  • Maybe you’re starting your own school or community center and have no funding.
  • Maybe your dreams is a marriage you’ve always wanted and need to work on.
  • Maybe you’re being led to launch a new movement for a cause close to your heart.

All of these can come with their own “dragons”: obstacles, objections, and even direct opponents to your opportunity. Some of these can come from external sources, and some can come from inside yourself.

If chasing your dreams was easy, everybody would do it. If making 100 phone calls and getting 100 “no’s” was easy, everybody would make them. If starting a business or a nonprofit were easy, more than 10% of new businesses would survive the two-year mark. If writing your guts out for several months in hopes of your manuscript being read was easy, everyone would write a book.

This is your battle, your chance to fight for what’s good and right and honorable in this world. This is your dragon to be slain. This is your dream worth fighting for in this world. It’s time to fight for your dreams today.

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