Dream Year Denver Pitch Night

Last week I had the privilege of sitting in with 40 other entrepreneurs, creatives, dream-chasers, and difference makers for the Dream Year Denver Pitch Night. Six speakers, 20 slides each at 20 second slide timers. All of it to share their dreams.

Dream Year Denver Pitch Night - 082114The first dreamer shared with me about swimming in the most densely populated great white shark waters because that’s where she wanted to learn how to surf. I heard from an artist who followed God’s call to Africa to teach children how to paint and design. I heard two marketing entrepreneurs share about creating marketing campaigns for massive brands with the requirement that half of the budget be put towards a nonprofit social cause.

I’ve been following Ben Arment and his team for almost five years now. It’s been incredible watching his team grow into the Story conference, the Dream Year experience, and many more endeavors. It was my privilege to finally put a face to a name when I met Ben after the presentations. Without a doubt, Ben has been one of the more inspiring voices behind my decision to chase my dreams.

“I have a dream” may seem cliched, but I guarantee you the power of a dream is more alive than ever today. The most valuable buried treasure are the dreams and ideas we never share. I experienced the pictures, videos, passion, and hope of dreamers that night. Some dreams start as a whisper, barely a diamond in the rough, if one at all, but Dream Year is the launch pad so many of us need to eradicate our excuses.

If you have a dream burning inside of you (or, in other words, if you’re human), you need to check out Dream Year. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring world-changed, Dream Year has the language of opportunity and a community of others discontent with staying the same that we all need around us when chasing big, hairy dreams.

Thank you, Dream Year team and Ben, for your incredible work and inspiration. May you be blessed for inspiring me and many others.

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