Why dream chasers need dream seekers

When was the last time you looked for a complete stranger in a crowd?

That’s the whole premise of a crowd: it’s usually filled with strangers, people you don’t know. If you’re at a sports event, the mall, airport, or festival, there’s no shortage of people you could meet. The point is that you’re not interested in meeting everybody everywhere, only certain people for certain purposes.

I’m really good at finding people I know in crowds, but I stink at finding people I’ve never met before. Why? Because I don’t know who to look for, what their names are, or what they even look like unless someone tells me. Finding someone in a crowd is much easier if that person is also looking for you.

Look for people who are looking for you - writetojoncook Jon Cook

When it comes to chasing dreams and doing work that matters, you need to be looking for people who are looking for you. Dream chasers need dream seekers.

So many people try to get connected with big-name people in their new industry that have no interest in meeting them. It’s like looking for someone in a crowd who isn’t interested in meeting you. A random stranger at a ballpark isn’t going to give me the time of day unless I have something they’re wanting. Why should they?

Dream chasers need dream seekers

Dream chasers need to find dream seekers: people who are looking for a dream that’s worth investing their time, energy, and attention. Maybe you have a great story to tell in the form of a book, a feature-length film, or as a speaker. You need to look for a literary agent or platform builder who’s also looking for a great story to share.

You don’t need the greatest filmmaker or even a popular name in your industry that might have some connections for you. You just need the right person who is looking for what your dream entails, a dream they can believe in and promote with you.

We as dream chasers have a quantifiable amount of energy; we can only do, be, and effect a certain amount each day. Don’t waste your energy trying to catch the attention of the wrong people. Spend your time, energy, and attention looking for the right people who are looking for you.

How to find dream seekers

It’s helpful to know how to find dream seekers. Where do you start? How do you know that someone is looking for you and your dream? There are some simple steps for finding dream seekers and inviting them to support your dreams.

1. Ask people you know, like, and trust who they know, like, and trust who might be interested in your dream.

2. Do your research on that person. This is full permission to stalk the crap out of them. Google them. Look them up on social media. Read their blog or website, if they have one. You need to know why they do what they do before inviting them to support your dreams.

3. Take the initiative to contact them. Don’t text them. Don’t DM them via social media. If you have their phone number, call them. If you don’t have their phone number, email them. The best approach is calling them. It’s more personal than an email and communicates higher value.

4. After you’ve established a healthy connection with that person, repeat steps 1-3 with them.

Dream seekers can help turn your dreams into realities. It takes work, lots and lots and lots of work, but the reward is worth the hustle.

What are some ways you’ve found dream seekers who can support your dreams? Share your stories in the Comments section below so I can celebrate with you.

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