Chasing your dreams starts with small steps

Every journey begins with a single step.

We know that statement is true. You might have even heard it said a dozen times, maybe even quoting it yourself. Every journey begins with a single step, one action, one conscious effort to do something.

One of my business influencers Chuck Blakeman recently shared these words,

“People say nothing is impossible. I disagree. I see people doing nothing all the time. Some people are really good at doing nothing.”

It’s comfortable and easy to keep your dreams in neutral because dreams are safe and clean when they’re abstract.

So, we choose to do nothing out of fear that the something will shake us loose from our comfort zone. Spoiler alert: chasing your dreams is awkward and uncomfortable. If you want a perpetually awkward and uncomfortable life, chase your dreams.

The key to chasing your dreams and embracing your God-given potential is to do something now. It starts with taking small, focused steps in the right direction. It’s one phone call, an email, a coffee meeting, an introduction, a question.

A phone call can lead to a dialogue. A conversation can lead to getting on a plane. A flight can lead to a handshake in person and a deeper discussion with long-term realities attached. It all starts though with a small decision: pick up the phone. It continues with a series of greater decisions: continue the conversation, book a flight, and meet in person.

Big dreams require small steps

If you want to realize big dreams, you need to take small steps. They may seem insignificant. They may not measure as seismic shifters on your future. In truth, they may not even seem that sexy or important, but they add up towards a greater purpose.

It’s when you put 10,000 small steps together that you realize you just walked a few miles. That’s when progress is made. Two hundred phone calls can ignite a completely different future. Three hundred pages can be a memoir or a manifesto that redefines your future and the future of your readers. Ten thousand hours can make you a world-class expert in your area.

It starts with stitching together a page here and a page there. It starts with making the next phone call. It starts with fifteen minutes of practice a day.

Chase your dreams one small step at a time and over time you will see your journey add up to life-changing progress.

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