Do you have the guts to launch your dreams?

Chasing your dreams is a process. You start with defining your dreams: what you want to do with your future. The next step is planning your dreams: put S.M.A.R.T. goals with specific details and deadlines to your hopes and aspirations. Then, it’s show-and-tell time, sharing your dreams.

All of this is a build-up to your launch: acting on your dreams. This is actually executing your action plan to turn your dreams into reality, and it’s also the ending point for many dream-chasers. Studies show that 70% of goal setters fail to reach their goals! (Douglas Vermeeren) That’s because pushing the big red button on your dreams is the most fear-inducing part of chasing your dreams.

Act out your dreams - writetojoncook Jon Cook

I’m not a fearful guy, very few fears (getting eaten by sharks being one of them), but I felt a noticeable vomit-swallow when it came time to publish my book Launch Plan: Your Path to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. Would people even read it? Was it even good enough for publishing? I put in dozens and dozens of hours to craft this book and I needed to trust it was at its best.

Kill the myth of the perfect dream

Your dreams aren’t going to be perfect, so kill that myth right now. Go ahead, take it out back and give it a proper burial. You can’t wait for the perfect time or the perfect day or the perfect situation to say, “Yes, it’s time to launch my dreams,” because that will never happen.

Here’s the secret to acting on your dreams: do it. Just do it. Take a look at the first action step on your plan and just do it. No excuses. No dilly-dallying. Do the first thing on the list. And then, breathe easy, smile, calm your shaking hands, and do the second thing on the list.

The more steps you can take towards accomplishing your goals and dreams, the more inspiration you will feel to continue.

Share your dreams with me

It also helps to share your success with the right people who can encourage and support you along the way. If you have dreams you’re chasing, I’d love to hear about them. You can join our New Week, New You group that’s chasing dreams outside the 9-to-5 realm. Tag @writetojoncook on Twitter or Instagram and add the tag #NewWeekNewYou to share your story.