Why chasing your dreams requires naiveté

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

Our world says being naive is automatically a bad thing, “Grow up! Quit dreaming. How naive, that’s not how the world works!” Dreamers are and need to be naive though; it’s in our blood. Naiveté comes from a French phrase that means “instinctive belief,” a very different definition than the one we’ve accepted.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re ignorant of reality because we as dreamers need to balance our dreams with our current reality, though we hope and plan to affect that reality for the future. For dreamers to succeed, we need an instinctive belief that what we dream to do is within the boundary lines of what’s possible.

Why chasing your dreams requires naiveté - writetojoncook

Too naive not to be published

I published my first book in September. My second book Launch Plan: Your Path to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur went live on April 22nd. I’ve never met with a book publisher, spoken to a literary agent, hired a professional editor, went to a book trade show, traveled for a book tour, did a book signing, or even got a rejection email from a publicist. By all pedigrees, I’m below the level of “mutt” when it comes to being an author.

And yet, I am one.

Nobody told me I had no business publishing a book, let alone two. Chasing your dreams takes a thorough dose of naivety. You have to be pretty naive that God has you on a special path to step out in faith. It takes guts and tough conversations and making one more phone call, sending one more email, having one more conversation than you want to have. It also takes naiveté, that instinctive belief in the possible.

You need an instinctive belief that your dreams are possible… or you will fail. (Click to tweet this!)

Naiveté can fuel your dreams

I love that I get to help others launch their dreams. I get to work with single moms trying to build a business. I get to work with first-generation immigrants from all over the world working to create a new life for a better future.

It’s not about me; it’s never supposed to be about me. It’s about helping entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, dream chasers, and career changers find their God-given purpose. It’s also about protecting that instinctive belief, that naiveté, that what God’s created for their future is within the realm of opportunity.

What are some ways you’ve embraced naiveté when it comes to chasing your dreams?

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