If you’re not hustling, you’re wasting.

Chasing your dreams takes hustle: that higher gear of hard work, determination, and drive that’s filled with passion.

God gives us opportunity and it’s our job to sprint towards the life He’s created for us. God doesn’t say, “I’ve created a wild, exciting adventure for you with unbelievable blessings and memories to make… but take your time; it’ll all come to you eventually.” NO! He gives us a path to follow and then says, “Go get it!”

Abraham Lincoln hustle quote - writetojoncook

I haven’t always hustled. In fact, I was pretty lazy in my pre-teens and early high school. My dad taught me what it meant to work hard and chase after what matters. I kept learning how to hustle better all through college until I became an entrepreneur. My grades in college were bad my first two years (sub 2.5), so I learned how to study the right way, take better notes, pay more attention, and my senior year were my best grades in college.

Hustling as an entrepreneur has to be redundant: what entrepreneur doesn’t need to hustle? If you’re not hustling, you’re wasting! You’re wasting time, resources, opportunity, networking, clients’ attention, even a chance at more sleep, whatever that is.

I get to wake up usually between 5:30-6:30 a.m. and I end my work day around 6:00 p.m. Hustle is the pace car for my everyday life and I love it! Gary Vaynerchuck says, “Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.” I want to push both my talent and my time to the highest gear possible in pursuit of God’s path for me.

Hustling shows God we’re taking His plan for our lives seriously. He loves us no matter what and His love isn’t based on how hard we can work. At the same time though, God gets giddy when He sees His kids pursuing His path with a full throttle on life.

What would it take to kick your life into “hustle” mode? The pace of your life directly reflects how highly you see the opportunity God’s called you to pursue. Are you coasting through life or are you kicking into higher gear?

How has hustling changed your perspective on God’s plans for your life? What are some ways you’ve changed your schedule or mindset to make the most of your God-given opportunities?

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