4 Catalysts to your Potential

You were created for significance. You were made with far more potential for greatness than you even realize.

No matter who you are, your potential, or even how much natural ability you may have, there are four catalysts that directly affect your God-given potential: Character, Relationships, Abilities, and Industry Credibility. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, cubicle-dweller, C-Suite executive, blue collar, white collar, rich, poor, man, woman, old, or young, these four catalysts are essential to your future success.

4 Catalysts to your potential - writetojoncook

I’ve tried to do plenty of things on my own. Pride has been a struggle of mine for my entire life. I’ve also tried to be a “lone wolf” and do things on my own without anyone’s help. In both ways I’ve failed miserably.

On the other hand, when I’ve embraced these four catalysts in my life is when my potential has been the most realized. You will only be successful to the extent you embrace these four catalysts for the benefit of others.


Your reputation is what people think of you, but your Character is who you truly are when no one is around. Your Character is what will be remembered long after you’re gone. If your Character is suspect, your potential will always be in danger of imploding.

Your Character includes your work ethic, your trustworthiness, your loyalty, and your commitment to doing the right thing, no matter the cost.


Too many of us have the mindset, “What’s in it for me?” In reality, the Relationships we hope to enhance for the greatest potential can never be approached with such a toxic attitude. “What’s in it for us?” is a much healthier mentality to have and it adds value to what we can accomplish together.

Your Relationships are more than just who you know; they’re about how you interact with and optimize the Relationships in your life to benefit everyone, not just yourself.


It’s one thing to be naturally good at something; it’s another thing to leverage your Abilities in the right direction with the right people for the right reason. A hamster on a wheel works incredibly hard, but a woodpecker is focused, driven, and relentlessly committed to its end goal.

Be a woodpecker in how your focus your Abilities for long-term success. Let older, wiser people speak their perspective into your Abilities and how they think your Abilities might be best directed.

Industry Credibility

Where Character has to do with your personal reputation and integrity, your Industry Credibility has to do with industry reputation: how the arena where you operate views your level of expertise. Rick Warren once said that much of his message and approach to ministry hasn’t changed in 35 years of being a pastor, but it was only after Saddleback became a massive church that people began to listen.

Building Industry Credibility takes a lot of work and at least some time. Read, study, ask questions, and gain trust in your industry, all with humility and a teachable spirit. Your Industry Credibility will come if you faithfully learn your role and contribution to your industry.

Character, Relationships, Abilities, and Industry Credibility – all of these are catalytic to your greatest future success. Lose them and your potential will collapse. Embrace them and your potential will soar beyond your wildest dreams.

How have you seen your own potential enhanced or hindered by these four catalysts? What are some other catalysts that can affect your potential?

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