New eBook – Launch Plan: Your Path to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

So many of us have a dream we want to launch, but we don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s writing your first book. Maybe it’s starting your own business. Maybe you have an incredibly powerful story and don’t know where or how to get your first speaking opportunity.

This is why I wrote my latest book Launch Plan: Your Path to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. I’ve spent the past several months developing a flight manual to help you launch your dreams.

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Launch Plan; Your Path to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur is the by-product of countless conversations with family members, mentors, former co-workers, strangers, and friends. It’s the culmination of time spent at restaurants, in coffee shops, in terminals, across plane aisles, at conferences, and across kitchen tables at different places literally all over the world.

In this book I help entrepreneurs explore and understand several of the crucial elements of running your own business. Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

  • Business legal structures – what’s the difference between an LLC, “S” Corp vs. “C” Corp, how much liability should I assume and when?
  • Marketing your company as an entrepreneur – How do you get your brand message to the right prospective buyers?
  • Dealing with rejection – How to navigate hearing “no” more time that you’ll ever want to hear it.
  • Raising capital funding – what’s venture capitalism, difference between venture capitalists and angel investors, how to run a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Building your team – how to hire the right staff, how to protect and share your company’s vision, leadership principles for entrepreneurs.
  • How to sell or close your business – what steps do you need to take to safely close down your business.

Whether you’re a brand-new dream-chaser or a serial entrepreneur, Launch Plan: Your Path to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur has the resources you need to thrive as an entrepreneur. Pre-order is now available at and officially launches on April 22nd!

The most important part of Launch Plan

If there’s one thing I want all my readers to know, it’s that Launch Plan isn’t about me. It’s about giving other people the insight they need to turn their dreams into reality. My job is to give you the right information and celebrate what you and God are able to do with Launch Plan.

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There are three huge ways you can help spread the word about Launch Plan

  • Once you get a copy of Launch Plan and want to share your experience with me on social media, tag @writetojoncook on Instagram or Twitter and add the hashtag #LaunchPlanBook. This helps me see how God’s using this resource to change your life and the lives of people who will benefit from your dream coming true.
  • I would also be honored if you would share your review on Amazon starting on April 22nd or share with me by email.
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Can’t wait to hear from you! Houston, we have lift-off!

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