Taking back Mondays

Thank God it's Monday

What if we renamed TGIFriday’s to TGIMonday’s? How weird would that sound? Is there a reason why Monday is treated like the redheaded step-child of the week?

It’s because we allow ourselves to be trapped into careers that have no meaning or purpose. We stay within the safety of our collegiate degrees, letting the alphabet soup of M.A., B.A., and B.S. dictate our future instead of pursuing other areas. We stay in jobs we hate because we’re only ten years away from pension eligibility. We keep from pursuing new opportunities because we’re so burnt out and depressed with the same old-same old of our “rut-ine”.

Here’s an idea: why not create a career future that you don’t have to plan vacations to escape from it? What if you didn’t need an alarm clock to get your butt out of bed on Monday morning?

Do you think it’s impossible to start something new? Anyone can re-create themselves in six months or less.

  • I’ve seen an almost twenty-year veteran of the grocery business begin a highly successful insurance career in just two weeks!
  • I’ve seen an aspiring author write their first book over their lunch breaks, late night writing sessions, and during travel… all within four months!
  • I’ve met a single mom entrepreneur who launched her speaking career while working full-time and raising two boys.
  • I’ve met a sixteen-year old who helped raise enough money to launch two orphanages in Africa while serving on the leadership team for two different community groups.

You are all out of excuses!

It’s not Monday’s fault that your job stinks. It’s not Monday’s fault you don’t have joy and hope and a bright future because you chose not to start something new and fresh last week. Quit blaming Monday for your half-hearted attempt at pursuing your dreams.

You have a dream to create something significant. You were made to pursue something more than the 9-to-4:59 rat race. You have greatness within you made for a moment like today. Start a conversation with a potential business partner. Look into getting the degree you’ve always wanted. Talk with your spouse about your dream job… and then create a plan together to get you in that career.

It’s time to take back Monday. It’s time to say, “Monday, you’re the start of something new!” It’s time to start something today that will change all your future Mondays.

It’s time to say, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

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