Staying in second never wins

Do you know what’s the most heartbreaking medal to receive in the Olympics? Silver.

I’ve never heard someone say, “When I go to the Olympics, I hope to get a silver medal.” It’s not in our DNA to finish second. I’ve also never seen someone win a race because they stay behind the leader. At some point you need to make the decision to move ahead of whoever is in first place by doing something they’re not doing.

Second placeToo many of us are content with the “Me too!” approach of life. If it worked well enough for one person, let’s just do the same thing. I will admit, there’s a convenience to staying in second place. There’s no spotlight, not nearly the same pressure to set the pace or try something new and risky.

There are some who might say staying in the pack is very strategic until the perfect timing. Although that may be true in some situations, I’ve found it’s usually a convenient excuse from people who don’t have the work ethic to set a new pace in life. Translation: they’re lazy. Coasting in someone else’s wake is safe and comfortable and constantly sets the ceiling of potential at 2nd place.

Break from the pack and do something different today. It may be having a conversation that most people wouldn’t have the guts to start or finish. It may be launching your dream on the side while you hustle through your 9-to-5 job. It may be breaking away from a mediocre business partner that doesn’t have the same aspirations as you do. It may be confronting whoever bolted down the glass ceiling in your life or work.

Whatever your second place may be, is it worth waiting for the “right timing,” which may be the wisest idea, before making your move? Or, is today the day you say, “I’m sick and tired of just following someone else because it’s convenient and safe.” Great and revered men and women throughout history have a long track record of breaking from the pack to attempt greatness and legacy-booming bravery.

Today may be the day you decide to set a new course in pursuit of what God’s calling you to do. Quit being comfortable. Break out of the pack. And push for a life worth remembering.

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