Streakers, Haters, Eminem, and Motivation

Have you ever noticed what happens when someone runs onto the field at a ball game? You probably don’t even want to know, especially if that person is stylin’ their less-than-svelte birthday suit. For all the attention streakers are desperate to attract, here’s what actually happens…

Treat Haters like StreakersThe TV crew ignores them. No cameras, no highlights (unless they get flattened by some security guy), only a brief mention that someone’s being an idiot by interrupting the bigger purpose of why everyone’s there.

No one goes to the game to see the streaker. No one.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about haters. “Haters gotta hate.” “I’m gonna shake it off, shake it off.” Celebrities, high school students, entrepreneurs, even megachurch pastors posting long videos callin’ out their “haters”. Really? If you say your haters’ words don’t matter, why post a video?

It’s one thing to have someone give you feedback that’s difficult but true. Discounting uncomfortable feedback as someone “hatin’ on you” is cowardly and immature. There’s no such thing as tough love; love is honest and truly cares for the other person enough to have a relationship in place that can handle truth in love.

Haters are the people with no agenda but to be annoying. Nothing is right in their eyes, only judgment. No positive criticism, only soul-stomping negativity with no plan or intention of building value into your life. Lots of haters are usually out for one thing: attention through distraction.

For any true haters in your life who have clearly no interest in adding to your future, here’s one piece of advice:

Treat haters like streakers. Don’t give them attention. Ignore their advice. Don’t give them air time in your mind. Don’t let them be the loudest voice in your life.

The lyrical genius and urban philosopher Eminem said, “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.” If the disciples and prophets of God listened to every hater in their ministry (pagan kings, Jewish kings, false prophets, persecutors), they wouldn’t have had the courage and motivation to push past their opposition to claim the calling God placed on their lives.

I had a professor in college who once told me I was lucky to pass her English class. Little did both of us know that God had bigger plans for my writing. Do you know how often I remember her words? This is the first time in ten years. If I got stuck in the opinion of one prof who had no interest in caring for me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So, for the people who have no investment in your life who seem to care more about themselves than your best interests, know why you’re motivated to continue on the path you’re on in life. “Haters” create great bulletin board material for you to point to God’s work and plan in your life as it unfolds.

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