Brain Dump – July 23, 2014


  • God keeps providing new clients and opportunities to connect more with great personalities through Keynote Content. At least four big opportunities are on the horizon and they’re big, I mean, huge. I’m praying for God to keep opening doors and giving me clarity to keep building His business the right way.
  • If there’s one thing I’ve been reminded about this week, it’s that the average person doesn’t know anything about Hamas, Palestine, Israel, ISIS, Syria, and what’s really going on in the Middle East. In more than one way, things rarely change.
  • I love the message of Colbie Caillat’s new music video “Try”. It’s a great conversation starter on how mirrors and media are some of the worst perspective-setters.
  • An idea with organization is called a plan. Know the difference between an idea and a plan. Ideas are cheap. Period. Anybody can come up with an idea. Ideas are usually organic and messy and disjointed. The hard part is taking an idea and putting boundaries and purpose behind its future and then the real mastery is earned.
  • We were made by a Creator to be creators in imitation of Him. Our art and design needs to take more lessons from creation. Nothing that’s the color white in the natural world lasts very long: snow, clouds, teeth, waves, etc. God put us in a vibrant world for a reason. Take a tip from creation: expand the palette of your life experience by adding color where you can.
  • Kara and I got to spend the weekend up in Estes Park connecting with different summer camp staff and leaders. I’m humbled and amazed at how God carries on opportunities I was blessed to help start seven years ago. And guess what? It’s growing and changing lives without me, another great reminder of the small part I get to play in God’s massive plan.
  • The Gospel is the greatest message you could ever share. Why does Christ’s sacrifice makes such a dynamic change in your life? It takes practice and guts to share something as beautifully polarizing and personal as your story of faith.
  • God still holds tomorrow.
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