The most dangerous word for dreamers

Roadblock sign

Chasing your dreams takes guts. It takes raw, gag-stopping, brow-wiping, palm-griming guts. Dreams are dangerous.

Nobody gets in trouble for coloring inside the lines. Nobody finds themselves facing age-old fears when they’re the pace car for status quo. It’s only when you decide to chase your dreams and do what you were made to do that danger comes your way.

Out of all the fears to face when chasing your dreams, there’s one word more dangerous than any of all.

Two letters, one seed of doubt.


If he doesn’t say yes… If they don’t hear my book proposal…

If this plan doesn’t work… If this new career doesn’t succeed…

If I fail… If we lose it all…


If tries to plant the seed of doubt. Our minds can easily finish the worst possible sentence. The good thing is, we’re not the first ones to face this deadly word.

If You claim to be the Son of God…” (Matt. 4)

Satan knew what he was doing. So did Jesus. And in that moment where Satan tried his hardest to compromise a fully hypostatic Savior, this small little word first met its matchless opponent.

The fearmongering of “what could be” was beaten by what was finished. The If claim became a conquered fear.

If God is for us, who can be against us? If this is the path God’s leading us to follow, who could ever stand in our way but ourselves? If we take the first step to chase the dreams God has ahead of us, what will God do next?

If this is the dream God’s created you to chase, the most dangerous part is that your dream might not be big enough.

If you will chase God’s path for you, what’s God going to do to blow your mind?


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