The Two Greatest Debates of Life

Know who you are

We live in a world of struggle: political, economic, physical, and most importantly, spiritual. There are very real forces on both sides of good and evil who are fighting over our existence and choices as humans.

I truly believe that the greatest struggles of life come down to these two debates:

Who you are and whose you are.

Our identity has never before been so threatened and questioned like it is today. Mirrors lie, commercials set impossible standards, and instant media access makes it harder than ever to hold onto our identities. If you’re a follower of Christ though, your identity is already secure.

It starts with understanding the reality of who I used to be. I wasn’t just separated or lost, like some kid who wandered off in the grocery store or the mall. I was dead! Gone. Game over. My sin and choice to do what I wanted to do, no matter the age, is what put the terminal infection in my soul.

But then I came alive. I’m not just “found”; I’ve been rescued. I’m not just healed; I’m forever alive.

Who am I? I’m a child of God. I’m a child of the Victorious One and He’s already wearing the title belt. When I forget who I am, I let other identities cloud my decisions and change my focus. Losing my identity pushes me away from the One who gave me a new life.

The second debate is where freedom finds its struggle. It’s not enough for me to say I’m free. Free to do what? Whatever I want? It depends on who has your loyalty.

If you’re living with the freedom of forgiveness, but not the loyalty, you don’t fully understand the authority of God on your life. He sacrificed His Son so that we can have a second chance. Spoiler alert: Jesus didn’t have to die; He chose to die. He did all of this because He had the only right to reset the soul count forever.

Whatever your struggle may be, it probably comes down to these two debates. Know who you are. Know whose you are. Our identity and submission to the reign and rule of Christ gives us all we need to answer these debates.

Know who you are. Know whose you are.

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