My Travels – MLB Stadiums: Angel Stadium, Los Angeles Angels (April 23, 2013)

Angel Stadium - 01On April 23rd Kara and I flew to California for the start of our 2013 tour of MLB’s mini-Meccas. First stop: Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  I’ve visited Angel Stadium during trips to LA twice before meeting Kara, but this was definitely worth re-visiting. We watched the Angels beat the Rangers in 11 innings when Howie Kendrick went yard for the second time that night.

We really enjoyed our first stop on our MLB Cali tour. If you’re ever in LA and want to catch a game at Angel Stadium, here’s some good info to know…

  • Angel Stadium is fourth oldest ballpark in major league baseball. Outside of the condition of some of the concrete, I wouldn’t have guessed that. Props to the Angels organization for the renovations.
  • Parking is easily accessible with stadium parking surrounding the stadium and cost $10. Exiting after the game was also fairly simple onto Gene Autry Way. It’s LA though so don’t expect to go anywhere fast, even at 10:30 at night.
  • The main entrance for Angel Stadium is one of the more impressive ones we saw on our trip. Definitely a photo opp.
  • If you get to the stadium early enough to catch batting practice, walk down to the left center section of the outfield wall. Many of the players hung out near that section during warm-ups.
  • The food is good overall, pretty typical stadium food. We ended up getting personal pizzas for dinner at the game.
  • The atmosphere of the stadium completely embraces the feel of LA: palm trees in the left field corner, a rock waterfall behind the outfield wall, and plenty of patio space throughout the ballpark.

After visit number three, I came away even more of a fan of Angel Stadium. The team has a recent history of solid play, a promising future, and a great fan base. We enjoyed our time with the Angels and headed off to our next destination: San Francisco. Sixteen stadiums down, only fourteen to go!

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