My Travels – MLB Stadiums: Kauffmann Stadium, Kansas City Royals (September 3, 2012)

This past Labor Day Kara and I stopped by Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City on our way to Colorado. Kara had visited Kauffmann before during a visit to see her sister Lisa a few years back, but I had never been. It was on our way, we hadn’t visited it together, and the Rangers were in town. That sounds like a win-win. It proved to be a great choice as we enjoyed a beautiful day at the ballpark. Yu Darvish pitched a no-hitter into the 6th inning, and later the two benches and bullpens emptied for a near-rumble on the mound.

Here’s some of what we learned about Kauffmann during our visit…

  • Kauffmann Stadium was recently renovated in anticipation of the 2012 MLB All-Star Game so some of the newer features caught our eyes as we toured the stadium.
  • The highlight was definitely the fountains along the outfield sections. Kansas City is the city of fountains (who knew? Second question… who cares?), but the developers did an excellent job with capturing KC’s heritage and the Royals’ history.
  • The Royals share parking with Arrowhead Stadium so the price is cheap and the access is easy, both in and out.
  • It’s Kansas City: do yourself a favor and get yo-self some BBQ!
  • If you’re going to visit Kauffmann, go later in the year because the Royals are usually the doormat of the AL Central by 4th of July. For example, exhibit A: our tickets were in the first row along the 3rd base line. Cost on StubHub: $10 each!
  • It’s still Kansas City, the ugly step-sister to St. Louis. If you’re looking for scenery surrounding the stadium, go somewhere else.
  • The Royals have included a great Hall of Fame museum in their renovations. We saw some incredible pieces of history that the Royals have carefully compiled from their long history. It’s worth the visit to see some of their memory lane.

Kansas City and Kauffmann proved to be a great break in our 12 hour trip to Denver. Kudos to the Royals organization for giving an old stadium a classy face-lift. The 2012 tour of MLB concluded with our visit. We’re officially halfway done with our 30 before 30 MLB challenge: fifteen stadiums down, fifteen to go!

Kauffmann Stadium - 01

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