My Travels – MLB Stadiums: Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals (July 5, 2012)

After our time in Pittsburgh, Kara and I turned westward and headed home to St. Louis. We tacked on an extra day of vacation to spend downtown by the Arch after we got back and crossed Busch Stadium off our ballpark list. We’ve looked forward to catching a Redbirds game since moving to the Lou and it was a perfect night to catch a game with our Rockies in town. The Rox got killed but we had a great time getting to see Busch Stadium in person.

Here’s some of what we learned after visiting Busch…

  • When it comes to food, get a pretzel hot dog and enjoy with a good amount of ketchup. Also, if you want to forgo alcohol, stop by the DD booth by Budweiser near the Ben & Jerry’s cart down the first base line. If you sign up as a DD for the night, you’ll receive a voucher for a free fountain drink. You’re welcome.
  • Parking is cheap about five or six blocks north of the stadium. We found parking for $5 by the Bread Co. (Panera) off Pine Street.
  • The architects of this Busch Stadium did fans a favor by building home plate to face the Arch and the river. Other cities should take note. (Neither stadium in Chicago offers a great view of downtown.)
  • Ticket prices are steep. World Series wins come with a mortgage for ticket sales. We paid more for tickets at Busch Stadium than virtually all the other stadiums we’ve visited with comparable seats.
  • The highway system gets tricky around Busch Stadium with the ballpark being so close to the river. Be prepared for a wrong turn or two if you’re not careful.

All in all, Busch Stadium is a beautiful stadium with a massive range of seating. I’m excited to catch more games there, but I can’t call myself a Cards fan…yet. They’re still the reigning world champions and I love my Rockies and Yankees too much. I can say though that I’m a fan of catching some more ballgames at Busch.

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