My Travels – MLB Stadiums: Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays (July 1, 2012)

On July 1st Kara and I headed up to Toronto to catch a game at the Rogers Centre. It was Kara’s first trip to Canada and we didn’t realize that since it was July 1st, it was also Canada Day. Typical Americans. When in Rome, as they say, so we had a great time with the crowd, festivities outside the ballpark, and a pregame recognition of the Canadian Royal Forces.

We parked east of the Rogers Centre for a reasonable price and walked to the ballpark. Traffic wasn’t too bad coming into Toronto, even for Canada Day (D’eh?). On a friend’s recommendation, we ate spicy Italian sausages that are sold outside the ballpark. So good! For a real Canadian experience, be sure to grab some poutine as well.

If you have an extra hour or so, stop by the CN Tower for a ride to the observation deck and glass floor (Wha-?!). It’s right next to the ballpark. You don’t need directions, trust me, you’ll know which one it is. Just look up.

Our seats were on the 500 level behind home plate and it was a fantastic view of the entire park. If you melt in the heat though, then I’d suggest finding other seats. The Rogers Centre has a retractable roof but all of the outfield seats were in the shade for almost all of the game.

If you’re worried about US dollars in Canada, the exchange rate has been neck-and-neck for a while now. We had no problem interchanging US and Canadian dollars because there’s virtually no loss in value between the two.

Rogers Centre isn’t the flashiest ballpark, certainly not the most up-to-date one, but it’s unique as the only MLB stadium not in the United States. We had a great time watching the Blue Jays in their neck of the woods, even if they did lose to the Angels, and we can now cross it off our bucket list. Ten down, twenty to go! One-third of the way there!

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